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Drop-In Times
(Starting 08/09/21 as space allows)
Monday - Friday
8:45am - 9:15am
2:45pm - 3:15pm
Tuesday - Friday
3:20pm - 4:00pm

Mr. Sanborn

Library Resources

Welcome back!

If you still have overdue items, please return them as soon as possible.
We are now open for check-outs!

Online Book Fair

October 1st - 14th

See details on the left
before checking out new books:

before checking out new books:

*All overdue books should be returned
*All lost or damaged books should be paid for
Library Forms

Library Forms

Usernames and passwords

Usernames and passwords

Username = Initials of first and last name followed by the student ID #.
Password = Student ID #
(example John Doe 12345: user = jd12345, pass = 12345)