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Dudley Elementary

Delanne Mathias 2019 Certificated Employee of the Year Dudley Elementary School

I would like to nominate Delanne Mathias for the Teacher of the Year. Delanne has been an elementary teacher for 21 years. When she first arrived at Dudley, she jumped right in and became involved with the Dudley Community.
Delanne was a part of the Principal’s Advisory team that initiated the interest and implementation to PBIS. She had the previous experience of PBIS at another school, so with her knowledge, we all agreed to sign her up as the leader of the group. Delanne has been involved is all aspects of PBIS - attending endless meetings, preparing our PBIS handbook, setting up schedules, working on initiatives - artwork, and presenting at Community Nights. She is part of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Team.
Delanne brought back Red Ribbon week with a daily schedule of learning and fun activities for Dudley. She set up the schedule, ordered supplies, organized the activities, and distributed wristbands, stickers, ribbons for the school. The classroom door decoration competition is a real favorite!
Delanne has led STEAM Day for the 6th grade and this year the 5th grade. She takes on a leadership role of organizing supplies, activities, kids, and schedules for classroom to participate. She is an integral part of the 5th grade team and loves working with her team of grademates.
Delanne also runs a morning Sports Club teaching P.E. skills. She has after school Art Clubs, both for primary and intermediate grade levels.
Delanne has integrated the Special Day Class students into her class setting up supports to ensure their success academically, socially, and emotionally. She takes the time to make sure everyone is learning and successful in her classroom.
At the district level, Delanne is piloting the new 5th grade Social Studies program. She also plays an active part of the Art Grant district team writing steps for implementing art into the core curriculum.
Delanne is definitely a Teacher of the Year!